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Meaningful People, Places and Foods is a consulting firm designed to provide professional advice, research and analysis and creative services to food related businesses.

The company emphasizes social entrepreneurship. It blends good business and social practices, and is pioneering the idea of “intentional hiring” as an employment strategy. The company offers services in restaurant and menu design and management, food consultation and hiring practices, media and public awareness and employment practices, with an emphasis on sustainable use of resources, including human resources.




A two part series: “Wisconsin Stories and Wisconsin Statements of Self Determination.”

"Model Communities"


  • Consulted to the Catholic Multi-Cultural Center to help create a social enterprise called Just*Us.

  • Just*Us produced food for local establishments using locally procured ingredients and a marginalized workforce.

  • Consulted to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF,) to create a vision for the food systems and operation for the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

  • Consultant to the Goodman Community Center on Systems and Training for At-Risk Students in the Ironworks Café project. Present project.

  • Received a MIG Grant to create jobs for people with disabilities in Wisconsin in the field of Digital Imaging. Present Project.

  • Co-Author of monthly column Genuine Articles in Madison Magazine.


  • Building the Three Legged Stool
    A Model & Tool Box for Creating a Social Enterprise
    In early 2005, staff at Porchlight, Inc., came up with the idea that a food project could solve practical issues for their organization which provides emergency shelter, food, employment services, counseling, and affordable housing. Learn how Meaningful People, Places and Foods helped make the idea a reality.

  • University of Wisconsin - University Club
    Financial and management analysis of campus located dining and catering facility.
  • Porchlight Products
    Madison Community Foundation grant funded program to create sustainably-based, artisan food products, produced by a diverse work force including formerly homeless residents of the facility.
  • Slow Food and Disability Connection
    Working both nationally and internationally to add persons with disabilities to conversation of sustainable food communities.
  • Wisconsin Council on Develpmental Disabilities
    Grant-funded project to set forth the idea of people with disabilities being a human resource as part of the sustainable food and agriculture model.
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MMPP&F offers custom designed catering, with an emphasis on seasonal and regional foods. Please contact us for consultation and menu design. We serve parties from five to 100.

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